Why The Battle Cats is Still One of the Best Tower Defense Games

5 years later and The Battle Cats is still on top of its form. While it never catered to the general masses, it donned a hardcore fanbase.  This is thanks to its simple gameplay yet complex strategy as well as adding some balls-to-the-wall humor that will please both anime fans and players who just like comedic references to popular video games.
While everyone was all about Clash of Clans, Mobile Legends and every major Gacha game when it came to strategy, The Battle Cats stuck to the classic side-scrolling tower defense mechanics. Fans of the genre either went for Metal Slug Defense or this game.
So, now the question goes, “Why do people still love The Battle Cats?”
The answer is simple: It’s Purrfect. As in perfect in terms of addictive gameplay, ridiculous humor and constant updates.  This keeps the game feeling fresh and exciting even for players that have invested hundreds upon hundreds of hours.

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A Sheer Amount of Comedy

The premise of the game is straightforward: you lead an army of alien cats hellbent on conquering planet Earth and beyond. Sure, it looks like a generic alien invasion story but what’s unique about it is the narration. Most casual handheld games are either edgy or humorous in a cheap way (such as lame punchlines that we’ve heard hundreds of times). But The Battle Cats‘ story is like a mix of Mars Attacks and a slice of life anime.
Even PONOS Corporation make fun of themselves just like how the president of the development team presents the narration of the game as soon as you start it.
On the other hand, there are the cat units…that is either the weirdest cats you’ll ever witness or the most original cat-based comedy since Tom & Jerry and Tom Cats. Why settle for just generic cats when you can have other crazy ones like Cow Cat, Bull Cat, Oppai Cat, and even God Cat. Yes, as in God…in cat form.
Oh, and it has some JoJo references too! Yare yare daze…

The Right Balance of Difficulty

If you consider the game is unfair with its difficulty, you need to look in the mirror and realize you’re just a scrub. The Battle Cats has a good ratio of easy breezy to, dare we say it, the Dark Souls of tower defense games. The game scales based on your skills and we have no complains there.

The Battle Cats is Rich in Content and Updates for Both Whales and Free Players

Yes, The Battle Cats has Gacha too! But did you know that you can progress through the game without paying anything? Quite frankly, that makes PONOS (the developers) a highly respected team. Not only are the lootboxes generous for free and whale players, but the game blooms with so many major updates and limited time events to get you sinking hours into.  If you’re lucky, you’ll even encounter collab events – Fate/Stay Night being the most prominent of them all.

Play The Battle Cats on PC for Free

If you never tried it out on PC, now is a perfect time! Download and play the game for free. No emulator needed.

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