Talking Tom and Friends: Which Character Are You?

Since its release, people all over the world has dubbed Tom the “world’s most popular cat” (at least in terms of virtual standards… But does it beat Talking Garfield, though? Check out the Talking Tom VS Garfield showdown)! If you’re a fan or a pre-fan ;), have you ever wondered which character you are? Liking a character is one thing, but which one you really are – that’s another! Knowing which Talking Tom and Friends character you are makes playing the game more personal… you can get to select the character closest to your personality type!

Which Character are You?

Talking Tom and Friends: Which Character Are You?

First up… we have Tom!
Talking Tom
He is simply described as a “wise-cracking and adventure-seeking” cat. But if you were to watch the TV series and reallyyy get to know this grey tabby, you’ll see aspects of his character and personality that you normally won’t catch on by just playing the games.

You’re a Tom if you: Live for ideas. Like to see the humor in things (inevitably, too). Sometimes unconsciously charming and lively, especially when you’re surrounded by the people you care about. To a certain degree quite egotistical in nature because you value your thoughts and opinions highly, even stubbornly, despite feedback from people around that some ideas are obviously not going to work out. Smiley, expressive. Clumsy on occasions. Gregarious. Really soft at times (but also good at hiding it). Love cuddles!


Talking Ben is next, and he’s an understated genius.
Talking Ben
You’re a Ben if you: Are adept at spotting what’s wrong with a system. Can easily figure out which processes to shorten; which things waste time. Like using sarcasm, but not many people get it (sometimes that’s part of the fun). Are always stewing up big ideas, along with a steel will to want to carry them out. If your idea of a relaxing night is Netflix or playing challenging games with kick. Have the tendency to analyze the crap out of the Netflix show you’re watching. Find the flaws within the game you’re playing, saying to yourself more than once, “one day I’ll invent a game better than this”. Clumsy occasionally. Constantly deep in thought. Appreciate weird humor. People tell you that you have interesting perspectives or worldview. Cheeky. Prickly. Unexpected.

Ben’s MBTI Type: INTP

Woah, Angela. She’s the sensitive diva.
Talking Angela
You’re an Angela if you: are O.K. with attention (especially the kind that comes with your passion/job/hobby). Need things to constantly be moving forward. Have an insatiable energy quotient. Like to look good for special occasions… who are we kidding? Even on normal days too. Are adept at picking up cues from the people and things around you. Excitable. Told by people that you are on a perpetual “high”. You’re the life of the party, just by being yourself. Don’t like routine, boring stuff. Naturally charming. Somewhat easily irritable, but mostly happy. Unconsciously loud. Small things affect you as much as big things do. Would love to really master something. Have an eye for beauty, design. Earthy yet glamorous.

Angela’s MBTI Type: ESFP, ISFP

Next up is talking Hank, the infectious goofball.
Talking Hank
You’re a Hank if you: Like watching TV, Netflix, Sitcom or YouTube (obviously). Found consistently behind a screen. Enjoy playing video games. Speak your mind. Carefree. Are picky about hanging out, but usually always hang out with people who get you. Love engaging with the things and events that happen around you. Hands-on. Practical to a fault (not that you’d readily show this side off to people). Love laughing and making people laugh. Have a laser-sharp tongue that’s blunt and honest, despite who you’re talking with. Somewhat tempted easily to succumb into lazy-routines. Like to get to the point of things. Enjoy meaningful activities that engage all your senses!

Hank’s MBTI Type: ISTP, ESTP

Finally, we have Talking Ginger, the adorable I-can-get-away-with-anything Kitten!
Talking Ginger
You’re a Ginger if you: are enormously curious. A blatant prankster. Charming, likeable. Even loveable. Have a bad attention span. Struggle to be focused. Enjoy the unconventional, exotic, and strange. Cook up interesting ideas all the time. Struggle to stick to routine. Easily the life of the party without much effort. Irritable when nagged. Independent. Believe that age is just a number. Always seeking out thrills! Even cheap thrills! Entertaining. Cute. A verbal wordsmith. Get away with almost anything. Are constantly dreaming of greener pastures. Use logic peppered with interesting analogies during arguments! Loud, a chatterbox. Cool. But mostly, still cute.

Ginger’s MBTI Type: ENFP, ENTP

We hope you enjoyed reading about the different Talking Tom and Friends characters’ personality types! Let us know in the comments which one most resembles you! Or if none of them strikes you as similar, which personality type are you?

Talking Tom Revolution?

You have probably heard about Talking Tom in one way or the other. Talking Tom, the famous grey tabby cat in the app, “Talking Tom Cat” was first launched in 2010. Fast forward 8 years to today, and it’s gone a long way since just the lone talking cat. A whole TV series called “Talking Tom and Friends” was birthed in 2015 and 2016, addictive game variations of over 14 apps were released over the years, and 10 webisodes were broadcasted on YouTube in 2012.

The Talking Tom franchise, originally created by Outfit7 Limited, has branched out really quickly. To date, there are at least 8 billion app downloads across the Talking Tom app games! Games.lol has two of the 9 games, and are currently looking to expand our selection so our favorite tabby cat gets more exposure! Download and play the two games for PC today!

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