[News] Bloons TD 6 is here – How does it fare?

Bloons TD 6 is the latest release from Ninja Kiwi, the game developer of popular game sensation Bloons TD Battles and Bloons TD 5! 
If you enjoyed playing Bloons TD Battles or Bloons TD 5, then Bloons TD 6 would be a visual treat for you! This game is only available as a paid app for iOS and Android.

Expect these new features in Bloons TD 6:
3D Killer graphics and new additions
  1. You can expect new monkey animations and opportunities to upgrade the skins of the monkeys! – We find this cute and adorable, because who doesn’t like personalization?
  2. Engaging and vibrant graphics and visual effects – way better than the current one!
  3. 20 new maps, along with 3D objects and elements that may have the potential to block your line of sight.
Monkey tower upgrades
  1. There are 19 monkey towers, along with two new monkeys: Meet Druid and Alchemist!
  2. There are 5 tiered upgrades
  3. Monkey towers will have three upgrade paths for players to select which to diverge into
Hero Monkeys
  1. You can house one of these powerful and special hero monkeys that can have 20 signature upgrades.
  2. Each hero monkey will possess two bloon-destroying abilities
  3. Now with a hero monkey like this, you can trust him to take charge of the situation… plant your other monkeys to best support the strategic placing of the hero monkey!
New badass bloons
  1. Meet new sneaky bloons: Purple, Fortified and B.A.D. Get ready for some stronger bloon prowess… defend your tower against them!

What do people say?
The Good
  1. “Like a Tower Defense game on steroids” – Alex Rennie, Game Zebo
  2. Easy to learn how to play, addictive!
  3. 8,000+ downloads already!
  4. Definitely not disappointing
The Not so Good
  1. Slightly overwhelming in terms of learning about each monkey and bloon!
  2. Priced at 4.99 euros
  3. If you deliberately miss the tutorials, it can get hard to understand…
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Bloons TD Battles is a specially created multiplayer combat game that is the ultimate tower defense game ever! Go bananas with the other players in a fast-paced battle for victory! There are 18 customized head to head campaigns, specialized towers and upgrades, all-new offensive and defensive boosters, and the ability to control the bloons directly, hooray!
If you love Bloons TD 5, then this game would drive you bananas (in a good way)! Fortify your territory with the excitable and skilled bloon-bursting monkeys to keep the bloons at bay! Go head on head with your opponent as we see who’s the last one standing in this game of strategy and speed! Embark on a competitive journey to see who’s got the best monkey strategy and be known in the Bloons arena as such.
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