Mobile Legends x The King of Fighters is Now Available

Game collaborations come in different unlikely games these days. PUBG x Resident Evil 2, Monster Hunter World x The Witcher 3, AOV x DC, Tekken x Almost-Every-Famous-Media-Franchise and the likes. And now, here we are, witnessing a very odd but highly interesting crossover: Mobile Legends x The King of Fighters. Yes, MLBB x KoF. To be honest, we were quite surprised to see this. Actually, nobody saw this one coming. If you’re thinking Mobile Legends will become a fighting game, no it won’t. Long story short, players will get to earn 3 King of Fighter skins – the dark anti-hero Iori Yagami, the silent but deadly Leona Heidern, and the pop idol Psycho Soldier extraordinaire Athena Asamiya. These 3 skins are available on a limited event so better hurry up if you want to test out Orochi powers on enemy heroes!

Which Heroes Get the Skins in MLBB x KoF

Guinevere, Chou and Karina will get the Athena, Iori and Leona skins respectively. If you’re wondering why it’s because of their similarities.
If you have no idea who these KoF characters are, we’ll break it down for you very briefly.
Athena is a pop idol mage fighter who can cast spells from mid-range will able to fight up close with melee attacks. While Guinevere is fairly new to Mobile Legends, a lot of players see a huge resemblance between the two characters – hence the reason why she got the Athena skin.
Iori is a mysterious man who possesses a power called Orochi – an aura that gives a person deadly supernatural powers. He has razor-sharp claws and flame-burst powers. Chou, being a burst-type melee hero, suits Iori well in a contrasting way.
Leona also bears this gift. She is a renowned spec-ops soldier whose dashes and kicks are as sharp as a blade. Karina does have deadly-sharp weapons and high movement speed too. Perhaps this is a great comeback skin for her to make her relevant in the current meta.

Some King of Fighters Did You Know Facts

If Iori and Leona can’t control the Orochi, it will succumb them and take over the host, becoming a demonic entity that’s unstoppable.
On another topic, fans of King of Fighters will recognize the same voices for the 3 characters. Yes, that means we get mad weeb aura in the Rift. Mobile Legends x The King of Fighters will surely please the wide demographic.

How to Get The King of Fighters Skins

If you happen to be a Mobile Legends whale, then you better have saved up for the MLBB x KoF event. These skins can be unlocked via pre-ordering or participating in the bingo event. Buying them directly will only be available in the future. For now, you got to stick with a whole lot of luck if you want to win any of the 3 skins.  If you did pre-order either Iori or Athena, you get Leona for free.
mlbb x kof 2
Of course, you can get to play Mobile Legends with the latest KoF update directly on PC! Download Mobile Legends Bang Bang for free here.  We have more multiplayer games here at Games.lol such as Lords Mobile and Clash Royale.

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