Kemdi’s Dice Game Event | MapleStory M Patch Update

Wanna get up to 8 million mesos in your bag? Your golden opportunity is here with the lastest Kemdi’s Dice event!

Get more out of your daily grinding at in-game quests and mini dungeons. In conjunction with the new patch release on 21st August 2018 (server time), Nexon has revealed the new Event. Get rewards such as Buff items, Dungeon Entry Tickets, Respawn Tokens, Cubes, and finally an 8 million meso pouch!

The last reward is sure to get lots of people going crazy! Imagine the amount of equipment you can purchase from the Trade Station! You will finally be able to enhance your weapon/equipment’s star force power past 10 stars! (The enhancement from 10-star to 11-star cost 1 million meso! And it’s not a guaranteed successful enhancement 🙁 )

So be sure to take note of this limited time event. Running for 13 days from 21st August 2018 to 3rd September 2018 23:50 (server time)

Kemdi’s Dice Event Details


The rules are simple. Players just need to complete the event achievements by collecting Kemdi’s Microphone to exchange for Dice. You will be able to check the number of microphones you have collected under the Events Tab. Each player will only be able to get a maximum of 5 dice after collecting 400 microphones. You can use crystals after collecting all the 5 daily dice to play the Kemdi’s Dice Game and get more rewards.

Kemdi Dice Game Maplestory M Microphones

As seen under the Event Achievement section, you will be able to collect 1 dice after obtaining 80 of Kemdi’s Microphones. Subsequent dice are awarded with every 80 microphones collected. The number of dice-rolling opportunities will reset at 00:00 server time no matter how many dice rolls you have utilized the previous day.

Like a normal dice, you will move 1 to 6 spaces depending on the number rolled. Rewards will be given according to the space you have landed on. Collect your rewards from your game inbox.

Do note that all rewards obtained via the Kemdis Dice Game event will expire in 7 days of receipt. These rewards are also not tradable and transferable between storages of your different game characters. 

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