Dead Trigger 2 Tips for Beginners

Dead Trigger 2 is one of the goriest free-to-play zombie shooter games ever made. Coming with fantastic visuals thanks to the Unity Engine, very responsive controls and tons of unlockables to earn, Dead Trigger 2 sets itself apart from other undead killers with its generosity of quality content. However, the game can get pretty daunting; especially for beginners. Sure, the basics are easy to learn but as you advance through the later levels, you’ll soon experience that skill wall where full concentration and attention to details are important. But, do not worry – I’ll help you out on how to advance early on in the game using these Dead Trigger 2 Tips.
Oh, and if you didn’t get Dead Trigger 2 for PC yet, download here.

Free Guns are Powerful Enough

Take it from me, kiddo. I’ve played the game for hours on end without spending a single dime at all (because technically I spend my money on gacha for .png Waifus). Whichever you pick from guns to equipment, you can clear the whole story mode and dominate survival mode without a problem. What you need to do is invest time and upgrades on your best-suited weapons. Handguns, SMGs, rifles, DIY melee weapons, they’re all very useful. Just make sure you upgrade them enough to withstand the late game nightmares.

When Fighting Waves, Try to Gather Them in a Line

Whether you like it or not, zombies in Dead Trigger 2  can get predictable; especially the common ones. If you’re having trouble dispatching the undead because of how scattered they are, do what I do: put them in a line. To do this, you will want to go near a group of zombies. And then, back away from the zombies and run from them in a circular motion. Keep repeating this and you’ll have a whole line of zombies foolishly letting themselves get popped off in a single column!

Health is Wealth

One of the resources you need to be cautious of is the health items. This is the most vital among all Dead Trigger 2 tips. You see, they’re really scarce in the game. And the only way to get them is to either craft them via research or buy them. I also highly recommend max out your health kit slots first before any other utility. That way, you won’t need to worry about surviving from attacks in the late game.

Okay, so these are just three tips for Dead Trigger 2 but I’ll continue this blog in some other time. Meanwhile, do check out our other survival games including Last Day on Earth: Survival and Minecraft on PC for free!

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