Before You Play Fate Grand Order PC

Now that Fate Grand Order PC EN is available to download here on Games.lol,  I think it’s time to make some blogs about the game. For starters, Fate Grand Order PC or FGO PC is a free to play gacha J-RPG extracted from the mobile platform. If you never figured out already, the game is based on the long-running Fate series that includes most characters from the anime and games. Even if you don’t watch Fate, the game itself is very good…if you’re not relying on the gacha system that is. But if you just want the core gameplay first and gacha pulls second, FGO feels rewarding in a strategic sense. Let’s go over some basics before you dive into the gachaverse.

You Don’t Need to Watch Fate to Know What Goes on in the Game

I myself never watched any Fate series (well, a bit of the spin-off, Carnival Phantasm but that doesn’t count) but boy oh boy, the story plays very well. Don’t worry, you don’t need to catch up on who’s Saber or why is Lancer alive because Fate Grand Order takes place in an ALTERnate timeline. And don’t worry about the Classes – the game will explain each of them anyway. And hey, it persuaded me into watching Fate Stay Night and Fate Zero although I won’t bother watching everything else; I need to make time for Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures.

fate grand order pc saber

Turn-Based Card Strategy

As far as gameplay is concerned, FGO is turn-based where every action is done through cards. Each Servant – the heroes of your roster – includes 3 types of cards: Buster, Arts and Quick. Every Servant gets 5 of these cards wherein some of them specialize in whilst others feel weak with. Also, every one of them includes exclusive Skills. However, it’s better if you play the game because the list goes on and on. In short, strategy matters when you pick a card and when you use a Skill. You’ll learn as you progress.

fate grand order cards

Don’t Sink Too Much Time in Gacha

Ah, the gacha. You must have heard horror stories about the deceiving up rates and the very low percentages. I’ll keep it real with you; those stories bid true. But if you play the game like me, a free-to-player who has nothing to lose in the game, take your time investing in your waifu or husbando than hoping for a 5* Seiba face. You know why? Because “hope” is absent in gacha here.

Not to scare you or anything but just enjoy the game mechanics and story instead. If you want good gacha rates, go for The Battle Cats or Azur Lane instead.  I hope this article helps loosen up your curiosity on Fate Grand Order PC EN Server. With over more than 1000 hours of the game, I’ll write more about the game in the upcoming weeks – maybe even throw in some helpful easy strategy guides and whatnot.

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